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I recently placed an ad on this page. I'm gay, has never been in the ass, but I think all the time. I have some answers, and had a few timewasters, but no contact until recently..... The thing is that I did not know him in this forum, which is a married man who runs the local newsagent. was nudegirls so normal for my magazine, which was about 5 minutes before closing, it was just me and him in the workshop. I looked at the magazine rack for my taste, but I could not see him, I asked if he had received, he said, 'Yes, sure it is on the bottom shelf ' I order the magazine bowed and I realized that looking at my ass, and I could see he was rubbing the bulge behind the counter, I was so excited about this, he smiled and went to the door, and pulled the curtains closed. My heart was beating very fast, my cock was very hard, so it was his, that it was properly breaking his pants. ' to nudegirls see how you are?' Asked ' Yes,' replied 'Touch It'He said that, I opened his pants and pulled out the front of his shorts, his cock just came out, it was really thick and 8 ' nudegirls I began to masturbate, said,' I suck ' so I went and took my Kness his hard cock in my mouth. I've never sucked the tail of a man that I did not know what to expect but was surprisingly very nice. nudegirls s was entered into, my mouth said, he, he loves me ass, I was so hot, I dropped my jeans then my underwear, and bowed before him and offered him my man tight pussy to him. had to the counter, grabbed my leg, and the fat cock rubbing up and down the steps of my ass, then pushed his barking against my tight nudegirls hole, thought a moment and then without a word, pushed his throbbing cock my ass, I screamed my ass felt like if separated, he told me to shut up when his wife down the stairs, making it even more exciting that was fucking his ass down, with his wife upstairs. pushed hARD dick me over again, until his big balls. Every time I hit, the pain was less, my butt was numb after 10 minutes of fucking me hard, shook and shot his load of cum, hot depths of my ass, gave me a real good filling I loved it. that was last week, and my ass is still somewhat exaggerated pain now. is not me, I want more cock in me. If you meet n fuck me as nudegirls if to answer my ad on this page. ad no. 349 555 Health !
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